How Do You Get Rid Of Old Computers, Printers and etc?

As your technology evolves you find yourself with old computers lying around that often times you don’t know what to do with. It’s one thing to have a box of old (or new but not working) PDAs (I moved from Palm to Pocket PC and am loving it) but a room full of huge monitors and desktops is another story.
There’s few options for you to consider, many of the PC vendors will buy back your computer system from you and give you credit towards a new one.
HP will give you a rebate of up to $100 for certain desktops you buy if you trade in a computer. They’ll give you an extra $25 if you trade in an IBM computer.
If you don’t want to buy right now, or just want to get rid of computers in an ecologically safe way your PC vendor (and other companies) can also arrange for them to be properly recycled. HP charges about $13 – $34 per item for recycling.
Dell offers a full range of donating, trade-in, recycling programs here.
Dell’s system appears to be the easiest to use and charges $10 per 50lbs for recycling and includes ONE airway bill. If you buy a new computer, Dell won’t charge you a thing to take away your old computer.
You can also donate your older, but working computers, to organizations such as the National Cristina Foundation.
Before you get rid of ANY computer, ENSURE that you first properly clean all the data off the hard disks. If it is sensitive information, don’t just delete the information but properly eradicate the information using a VERY secure data cleaning software.
Interestingly, Dell also offers an asset recovery service that can take care of all of this for you.

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  1. Deborah

    I was looking for information about what to do with two old printers, that both need repairs. But this ariticle mostly talks about computers not what to do with broken pinters?

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