How To Not Be Affected By HP’s Instability

HP is reportedly going to lay off more than 10,000 employees in a major revamp of the company by newly appointed CEO Mark Hurd.
If you have a good relationship with a local technology consultant (I would have two – one as a backup) when large vendors go through these cyclical changes (Dell does not appear to go through these things, though), you will not be as affected. Why?
Your local technology consultant is providing support, service and advice to you. They shoulder the burden of dealing with the vendors.
This does not mean you need not be concerned about what is happening with a technology vendor, but if you have a good tech consultant you have a reliable partner and buffer.
The New York Times writes What everyone I speak to at H.-P. continues to emphasize is that this announcement is about the setting of priorities,” said Mark D. Stahlman, an analyst at Caris & Company. “They’ll tell you over and over again this is not about cutting back expenses because H.-P. is failing, or because it’s somehow trying to meet Wall Street expectations.”
Mr. Stahlman added that Hewlett had been trying to deliver the message that “Wall Street has completely missed what’s going on, that this isn’t a case where a company needs to get out a bone-cutter and desperately start chopping.”
Still, the scope of the layoffs is excepted to be wide enough that it may drown out the subtleties of Hewlett’s broader message.