HP Makes Printing Come To Life (Again)!

Today, I witnessed the unveiling of HP’s latest technology for the ink jet printer market. HP has engineered a new line of printers with all new printing mechanisms (print head, ink, etc) that print faster, more efficiently and clearer than ever before.
I’m impressed with what HP is doing and will have more on this later on in the week.
In the mean time Cnet writes The company said Monday it is using a new photolithographic process to create inkjet printheads as a single unit, instead of welding different components together. This manufacturing shift is designed to better align the chamber, nozzles and heating element and, in turn, to improve accuracy of ink drop placement. The new printheads can also support at least 3,900 nozzles. The higher nozzle density and greater accuracy in dot placement yield faster and better quality prints, HP said. Read Cnet’s full coverage here