IBM: Securely Printing Your Documents In A Shared Environment

One of the main focuses of printing is on features, speed and print quality – and of course price. However for some businesses that work with very secure documents their focus is on ensuring that the documents someone prints is not seen by anyone else in their office.
One way to have secure printing is simply to have a printer in each office. However when working in a workgroup setting there might be one printer shared by 5 or more people.
When someone prints a document they need to run to the printer to ensure no one else see the confidential document they printed and hope they don’t forget they printed something and have it sitting on the printer or moved by someone, and exposed for anyone to see.
IBM has a solution in their line of Infoprint 1000 laser printers.
Confidential access to sensitive documents can be implemented through new secure print features that can “hold” the document on the device until the end user enters a personal identification number (PIN). Higher levels of security can also be obtained through the Infoprint family’s authentication and encryption features.
These printers are priced from $1,100 to $4,000.
IBM also has a family of dot-matrix printers (yes many industries still need to use them) which have critical, time saving remote management features and long-ribbon life.