Inkjets Are Nice BUT They Cost A Lot (Psst – Laser…)

Inkjet printers are nice, but they cost a LOT in ink cartridges. Laser printers can help bring costs down.
Small Business Computing has a VERY good article on this and writes Color inkjet printers have been fixtures in most small businesses for many years. They’re cheap (under $60 in some cases), last a couple of years and everybody uses them. So they must be the perfect office tools, right? Maybe not.
When you do the math on printing, inkjets may well cost you a whole lot more than you realize.
“What the manufacturers of these printers don’t fully explain to consumers is the true cost of ownership of a low-cost color printer,” says Jeremy Shulman, vice president of Reink Technology in Tempe, Arizona, a maker of remanufactured ink cartridges under the Vibrantinkbrand name. “The general rule of thumb is that the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the disposable costs for refills and so on.”
While the printers are almost given away, the refills bring in a fortune for the big-printer, original-equipment manufacturers (OEM). According to Lyra Research of Newton, Mass., the cartridge replacement market is now worth $21 billion annually. HP, for example, makes over $10 billion a year from ink cartridge sales, and Lexmark earns over $2 billion from ink supplies, more than half its total revenue.
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