Intranets: HyperOffice Adds New Features

Intranets can be a VERY important communication tool for business – especially smaller business – who need to do more, faster and more efficiently. Intranets which enable virtual team work, collaboration and more help SMBs work better in virtual office settings.
HyperOffice, hosted intranet provider, and competing with has released its next generation online document management system, adding secure online file storage, document overwrite-protection, document version control, digital workflow, web folders, online commenting and document rollback.
HyperOffice writes that this brings easier, more organized document collaboration to professionals that need to access, organize, edit and share document online — without resorting to endless email attachments or expensive servers and software and without changing the way they work.
“?The proliferation of data within organizations has greatly increased the need to efficiently organize, manage and share content. To that extent, our customers require tools that can increase collaboration, data integrity, ease-of-use and access across the entire organization”, said Farzin Arsanjani, President, HyperOffice. ?”We’?ve responded by releasing a new generation of Document Management system that is secure, easy-to-use, affordable and best of all does not require any installation, maintenance, upgrades, or servers.”