Keep Passwords Safely In Your Pocket

Managing passwords can be more than a real pain but a security threat. When you’re at the library or some other public place you must enter in your password and HOPE that it’s not being stolen. Of course if you have dozens of user names and passwords like I have, you’ve got to try to remember all of them and that can also be a real pain.

Siber Systems is a software and/or USB/software combo that stores your passwords and user names on a USB key. You simply carry the USB key around with you, plug it into a computer and you never have to enter passwords/user names again the Pass2Go Software does it all for you.
Pass2Go does not work with Firefox “out of the box” but a Firefox extension must first be used. It does work with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Your personal information is NEVER stored on the computer, but is only stored on the Pass2Go USB key.
How does it work?
Plug in the Pass2Go USB key and almost automatically Pass2Go temporarily installs itself on the computer you are using.
Pass2Go is more than a security tool, but since it’s a USB key – it’s also a storage device.

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