Kingston and Migo Team Up: Take Your PC With You

I’ve written before about Forward Solutions’ Migo product ( here and here) which enables you to “take your computer with you”. The software fits on a USB key and when plugged into any computer, your screen saver, Outlook email (including calendar and contacts), Internet Explorer settings, desktop shortcuts and etc are all with in on your USB key. Imagine fitting your computer and critical files on a USB key.
Today, Kingston Technology Company, Inc., announced the addition of PowerHouse Technology’s Migo software to Kingston’s DataTravelerII Plus product, making it possibly the most convenient, customizable multi-function USB Flash drive on the market claims Kingston.
“Kingston teamed up with PowerHouse to make DataTraveler II Plus – Migo Edition the easiest and safest way to take your desktop with you everywhere you go — on a device small enough to fit on a keychain,” said Mike Kuppinger, digital media product manager, Kingston. “The DataTraveler II Plus – Migo Edition gives you the freedom and security to work just about anywhere and when you return to your PC, it automatically synchronizes your work, keeps versions current and leaves no trace of your personal
Using DataTraveler II Plus – Migo Edition, users can maintain multiple computer profiles on a single device — managing home, work, school, laptop, clients, and projects — with the option to password-protect everything with Kingston’s included SecureTraveler privacy feature. The on-board Migo Meter keeps track of available space for storing files and settings