Lesson Learned: Why Big Companies e-Commerce Efforts Fail

I visit a lot of web sites, do a lot of e-commerce and deal with a LOT of telephone support reps. Just last week I had a miserable time with Dell. I bought a Dell Axim, wanted to return it to get a better one and had to go through so many phone calls to get it done. I couldn’t even do it online! I called the consumer line, only to be told I had to call the business line. Then I had to call the support line, the customer care line and the returns’ line. I’d call this a “mess” to say the least.

I guess I am not alone. USA Today writer Andrew Kantor had his own experience with e-commerce with Verizon and Best Buy.
When you read his story, carefully think about your own e-commerce operation. Is it TURNING AWAY CUSTOMERS? Or is it helping them buy more?
He writes about Best Buy Telling customers whether an item is stock is a great idea only if you give them accurate data. In this case, no information would have been better than incorrect information. Had I actually driven out there and then found my A/C was out of stock, I would have been very angry. Read his full article