Make Your Web Site Come Alive with SitePal

On July 6th Oddcast will be officially launching the latest version of its SitePal product for small businesses. SitePal talking characters enable small businesses to increase Web sales and customer conversion rates by bringing Web content to life through conversational agents.
I’ve used SitePal on for a few days and it really helps engage your audience. For retail customers use a SitePal character to BOOST sales by having a “live person” guide your online customers and/or simply great them.
The new application will feature a number of product upgrades including bundled packages that start at $9.99 per month. Probably the most interesting feature will be the artificial intelligence application. Now site visitors will be able to interact with SitePal characters by typing in questions such as “How much does this product cost?¬?. Once prompted, the character provides an immediate answer.