Microsoft’s Backup Solution

Included in Windows (I think all versions) is a light version of a backup program. It’s not made for robust back up solutions and other offerings by Dantz, for example, are much better.
However, Microsoft is releasing a better backup tool focused on the SMB market. This solution only support Microsoft products and should be a good addition in the IT Tool box of MSFT partners and IT consultants.
News Factor writes Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft will be releasing its first disk-based data backup system within the next month, according to the company.
The Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) is aimed at small and midsized businesses that are currently using tape-based systems to do backup and data recovery.
In introducing DPM, Microsoft will take advantage of the rapid transition from tape to disk that is occurring at small businesses, as well as get a stronger foothold in the small-business storage market.
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