Mobile Malware – A Real & Growing Threat For Mobile Computing

I now have a Dell Axim with integrated wireless and bluetooth networking. This is a GREAT solution but also makes it so much easier for malware to spread to my network or to others via email and/or wireless connectivity.
Make sure you do all you can to protect your mobile devices from viruses.
1. Only download software from credible sources
2. Block all incoming traffic without your authorization
3. Install anti-virus programs on your devices
News Factor writes “The threat, meaning the essential impact of losing data to a virus, is pretty serious, and I base that on the extent of mobile connectivity and the damage that could be done,” said McAfee Latest News about McAfee Mobile Solutions senior product manager Drew Carter.
The Doomboot.A virus, for example, features an embedded worm called CommWarrior.B that perpetuates itself by sending out a flurry of unauthorized messages using the Symbian smartphone’sBluetooth Latest News about Bluetooth radio.