The New Microsoft Money

Although the lion’s share of smaller businesses do not use consumer based accounting programs but instead use Quickbooks or another more robust tool, some businesses are small enough that programs like Quicken or Microsoft Money are sufficient.
Microsoft Corp. announced the launch of Microsoft Money 2006 Premium, and writes that it provides the tools and information that consumers need to take the convenience of online banking to the next level. The new software includes features that make it easier to see more than just account balances, understand spending, budget, manage and reduce debt, and pay multiple bills — all in one place.
“Money 2006 was designed to build on the rising trend of online banking by offering all of the consumer’s financial information in one easy-to-use location,” said Anne Quaranta, senior product manager for Microsoft Money. “With automated tools that do the thinking for you, consumers are now able to spend less time worrying about their money and more time enjoying it. Our goal with Money 2006 was to provide consumers with a complete view of where their money is, has been and where it is going.”
Beyond Account Balances With Money 2006
Consumers are turning to the Internet to get the latest information on their personal finances and are quickly becoming accustomed to viewing their accounts and financial information whenever and wherever they desire. According to a recent study, 44 percent of all Internet users are now banking online, which isn’t a surprise since it takes the average person two hours each month to pay approximately 15 bills(3) if he or she does it the traditional way by writing checks out by hand and recording them in a check register.
With automated tools that take the guesswork out of managing finances, Money 2006 arms consumers with a quick and easy solution that allows them to see beyond their account balances and understand where all their money is going. The software includes many new and enhanced features to help consumers conveniently handle finances:
* Enhanced Spending Tracker. Money 2006 gives consumers the ability to
set up their budget their way. It’s simple to track spending in
categories they want to watch closely, such as dining out,
entertainment or clothing. Spending thermometers show them at a
glance exactly how much they’ve spent and when they’re getting close
to budget limits. The Spending Tracker now lets consumers
automatically track spending in as many favorite categories as they
want and provides alerts when overspending occurs.
* Multiple Bill Payment. Money 2006 now gives consumers the ability to
pay all their bills from multiple accounts and designate from which
bank account each payment needs to be made. With just a few clicks,
they can pay all their bills at once, from one location, including
directly from the Bill Calendar.
* Automatic investment prices. With Money 2006, consumers can
automatically receive stock prices with just a click. Transactions
within the Investment Register are automatically updated to help
eliminate the guesswork and time it takes to research current stocks
* Exchange Traded Funds Center. Money 2006 now enables consumers to
view and track Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), a growing investment
category. According to Financial Research Corp., last year’s total
ETF assets ballooned 51 percent to $227 billion and are expected to
hold $812 billion in 2009. Money 2006 now enables consumers to
follow this trend and view and track their funds easily through this
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