Next Version of Windows: “Vista”

(Photo credit – Erik S. Lesser/Microsoft, via Associated Press)
The next version of Windows, no longer code named Longhorn, but now officially entitled “Vista” will be out in late 2006. Corporate customers will get to test it on 3 August
If Windows XP or 2000 is working just fine for you, I do not suggest that you rush out and upgrade to Vista the first day it comes out in 2006. Give OTHER users and “the media” a chance to check it out and see how it works. I’m sure PC World will have an extensive overview of the product when it is officially released.
Also wait for Microsoft to release any necessary updates once more people use it and bugs or glitches can be exposed and fixed.
We’ve got at least an entire year before its official release, but the earlier you know what’s going on the better.
The NY Times writes Among Vista’s features are new ways to organize information and connect to other devices. In Vista, for example, the icons used to represent files will be tiny snapshots of the actual files – a photo or a letter, for example – rather than a generic graphic.
The company has also put a particular focus on search capability. “We’re looking to go beyond search,” said Brad Goldberg, Microsoft’s general manager for Windows development, in an interview. “It will be much more intuitive for people to organize their data.” Mr. Goldberg said the program would also include better protection against viruses and spyware. Read the full NYT article here