Outsourcing All Your Technology Can Work

For some small and medium-sized businesses, the idea of an information technology “department of one” may soon become a reality. Or at least that’s what mindShift Technologies, a Fairfax, Va. provider of information technology services to SMBs is betting on. Started in 1999, the fast-growing company provides technical expertise and a host of IT services remotely.
When Washington, D.C. law firm Collier Shannon Scott PLLC learned it was losing its long-time director of information technology two years ago, the firm’s IT operations were due for an overhaul, said David Carns, the firm’s current IT director.
But the system was a hodgepodge of different products, and the person who knew how it was all interconnected was leaving. Indeed, the parting comment from the last IT director was this: outsource IT and the firm won’t be in this boat again.
Collier Shannon Scott opted to do business with mindShift Technologies, which targets companies with 20 to 500 employees. The company uses Microsoft utilities only. For a set monthly fee, mindShift will run the show, from procuring equipment to maintenance. Read the full story on SearchSMB.com