Search: Are Your Documents Lost? Help is Here

Search is a powerful component of new operating systems and a major focus of the big three search engines – Yahoo, MSN and Google. Computers enable us to create more and more information, but how will we find it, be the information on an intranet, our local computers, a corporate network or the Internet.
Verity Inc., a provider of enterprise software that enables organizations to discover, analyze and process all of the digital information within their
enterprises, announced a new program intended to increase the number of organizations, regardless of size or type, that can benefit from its powerful, downloadable Ultraseek enterprise search software.
Ultraseek, competing directly with Google’s own search tool is offering organizations a free download of Verity Ultraseek. With this free tool one can index information and search up to 25,000 documents free of charge for one year.
Incremental document amounts can be purchased as business needs grow. Those who want to unify their enterprise search for an unlimited number of documents can purchase a four-year usage license at $75,000 USD. At the low end Google’s search appliance is $3,000 and searches 100,000 documents.
Technically called unstructured data, such information is in the form of the thousands of documents, presentations and e-mails produced every day in every organization. According to independent industry analysts, this form of information doubles in volume every six to 12 months. Furthermore, these same studies show that unstructured data represents 80 percent of the content residing in a business’ computer system. Verity Ultraseek makes finding the proverbial needle in a rapidly growing haystack an easy, fast and accurate process.