Sony’s Vaio T350 – Dual Wireleress Options Built In

Sony’s latest notebook is small and powerful with dual wireless optoins built in for WiFi and high speed cellular service from Cingular.
The Washington Post writes Aside from the high cost — $2,299 for the tested configuration — the T350 is a good portable computer in general. Despite its compact dimensions (the wide-format screen measures just 10.6 inches diagonally) its keyboard was comfortable to use.
With a 50-gigabyte hard drive, combination CD-DVD drive that burns both types of discs, two USB and one four-pin FireWire (labeled “i.Link” by Sony) expansion ports, Bluetooth wireless and an open PC Card slot, it offers more utility and expandability than some far heftier laptops.
But I’d still rather add cellular data access to a laptop in the old-fashioned way, by popping in a PC Card receiver.
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