Tech Annoyances? Tech Solutions Online

At times, computers can get VERY, VERY frustrating. Most of my almost 20 years of computing experience has been a series of frustrations with computers. What about you?
Thankfully there’s some great places to get help. Here’s a short list of great online support places.
Google is a great way to find others who have had the same problems you have had and find how they solved their problems. At times searching can take time (to type in the right query) but I’ve found this help to be the most time and time again.
Smart Computing Magazine offers free support for subscribers.
Ask Dave Taylor is a good source of tech answers.
Microsoft’s support web site offers extensive support on MSFT products.
Finally, O’Reilly recently launched Annoyances Central – a blog about and for those with tech annoyances. This is resource for real world/real time help, delivered with wit and some much needed humor by the authors of the “Annoyances” book series. has three key areas where visitors can find expert help and amusing commentary. The “Expert’s Blogs” section is where authors share their insight and answer your questions. The “Daily Fix” provides tips, tricks, and fixes for a variety of computing woes, culled from our popular “Annoyances” book series. “Robert’s Rants” are the musings and rants of O’Reilly’s in-house curmudgeon, and Executive Editor, Robert Luhn. To launch the new site, O’Reilly and Onfolio are offering a free download of RSS reader 2.0, so visitors can get daily fixes and tips delivered right to their desktops.