ThinkFree Office: Cheaper Than Microsoft Office. Better Than OpenOffice

Although Microsoft Office is the leading business application suite it’s also very expensive. Open source software and Microsoft Office competitor Open Office, is free, and does pretty well on its own as an application suite, but there are a number of compatibility errors when it tries to work with Microsoft Office files. When you open up a document with various formatting such as tables, graphs and etc – you want it to open correctly. Using Open Office this is not always the case.
Into this void steps Think Free’s Office 3 a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and PDF creation program. The first thing you’ll probably notice about Think Free is how very similar the interface is to Microsoft Office – making the learning curve almost effortless.
Most importantly, as you bring MSFT Office documents into Think Free Office, they open perfectly in Think Free without the formatting / import errors you’ll find in Open Office. I would guess there are some incompatibilities but I have not seen any yet in working with common word processing documents.
Think Free Office 3 costs $49 while advertising supported Think Free Office Online is free and offers customers all the features of Think Free Office in an online hosted environment. Customers can upgrade their storage on Think Free Office Online for a fee.
If you are looking for a powerful and low cost tool to read and write Microsoft Office compatible files, there’s no need to steal a copy of Microsoft Office or be frustrated with Open Office, check out Think Free.