Wireless Broadband – More Competition

Being able to get high-speed Internet access from just about anywhere – WiFi or not is a huge benefit. A few days ago I was in a motel in Virginia and had no Internet access in my room. Thankfully, the front desk let me use a phone line to dial-up.
However as Verizon, Sprint and Cingular continue to expand their wireless broadband services, mobile users will have more opportunities to access the Internet at high speeds – especially in areas where WiFi is not always available.
News Factor writes Sprint Corp. Latest News about Sprint announced its arrival onto the wireless Latest News about wireless broadband Latest News about Broadband scene on Thursday, more than a year and a half after one of its top rivals, Verizon Wireless Latest News about Verizon, started offering broadband Internet service.
Sprint Corp. plans to provide mobile broadband service to about 150 million people by early next year. The service, using EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized) technology, will be available in business districts and airports in 34 markets by the end of this month. It already came online this month in 17 of those markets, including Kansas City.
The Overland Park, Kan.-based company said rates will start at $40 per month for a limited-access plan, and unlimited access will cost business customers about $80 a month.