Wireless Email Is For Everyone

The Wall Street Journal has a good overview explaining that wireless email devices are no longer only for busy executives and lawyers. The cost and features have reached a point where just about everyone who wants one, especially small business owners can have access to email, phone and their corporate data wherever they can get a wireless signal.
I recently bought a Dell Axim with WiFi and Bluetooth. There is a delay with the shipment so I’m waiting for it to arrive.
WSJ writes Once the domain of investment bankers and lawyers, wireless email is arriving on Main Street.
The wireless email market was created six years ago when Research In Motion Ltd., of Waterloo, Ontario, began selling its BlackBerry to corporate users, mostly in big urban centers. The market took off and shows no signs of slowing. Last week, RIM announced it had gained 592,000 subscribers in the fiscal quarter ended May 28, bringing its total to 3.11 million.
Given the rapid growth, new companies have tried to challenge RIM’s hold on the market — though with little success so far. RIM controls close to 80% of the global corporate wireless email market, according to Pablo Perez-Fernandez, a San Francisco-based analyst with ThinkEquity Partners, an investment bank. (This market doesn’t include the millions of people who send text messages via their cellphones or who tap into email accounts by using Web browsers on such phones.)
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