Wireless File Moving From PC To PC

Laplink announces that PC users can now harness the power and convenience of wireless file and data transfer when they upgrade to a new computer.
Laplink writes – With Laplink PCmover, new Laptop PC users can now move their applications, settings and files from their older wired PC to a new WiFi equipped laptop with a few simple clicks and without establishing a physical connection. In a matter of hours PC users can send applications, files and settings effortlessly from one PC to another using fast WiFi technology and PCmover’s simple and powerful migration process.
New desktop and laptop PC owners no longer need to spend days or even weeks searching for program CDs and serial numbers, resetting hundreds of preferences, and worrying about all the files they may have forgotten to transfer. PC users can now move everything across a wireless connection in minutes. No lost files or missing data. No painstaking resetting of preferences. In just a few hours, the favorite PC environment users spent years perfecting will be transferred flawlessly to the new machine.
To initiate a fast, convenient wireless migration, users simply connect the old and the new PC to the same network. After loading the PCmover software onto each machine, they can use a simple, intuitive migration wizard to begin the painless, automatic process of transferring all the old PC’s files, email, settings and applications to the new machine. Nothing is left behind. PCmover moves all types of files and applications, including music and multimedia files, desktop settings, registry settings, and Internet settings, favorites and bookmarks.
PCmover’s wireless migration capability makes it an ideal complement to the purchase of a new laptop. “New laptops are usually equipped with wireless access cards,” explained Todd Rupley, SVP of Retail and Online Sales. “So by adding a copy of PCmover to their purchase, laptop buyers are taking home a fast, easy, wireless way to transfer everything they need to their new machine.” As long as the older PC has a network connection to the new laptop, a wireless migration from the old PC to the new one can be accomplished using the simple Wizard interface in just minutes.
PCmover is available at select North America major retail outlets for $49.95, and can be purchased as an online download at www.laplink.com for $39.95.