Archive of August 2005

Yahoo Search Improves Thanks to Gmail

While I can’t recommend Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or other online email services for core business use, these services do come in handy when you are not at “your computer”. Google’s Gmail launched the best of the online email services, I use it. This prompted Yahoo and Hotmail to boost their storage and start to make […]

Newsletters vs Blogs: Newsletters Win

Blogs have been getting a LOT of attention over the past several weeks as the hottest communication media for business. Blogs, periodic posts to web sites using tools like (which I use), TypePad or one of the tools from AOL or MSN, are great communication tools and help you get higher search engine rankings. […]

Tips In Honor of National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month and this year it is being co-sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security and the American Red Cross. Personally I don’t like these special “months” that various industries make up. However, especially in light of the destruction in New Orleans I’ll take part and offer Symantec’s Top 10 Recommended Security […]

New Windows File System

A new version of Microsoft’s Windows File System is in the works and touted to be better than what we are using now. The problem with all the data we create is that a) it’s so hard to find things – there’s Google, MSN, Yahoo and other desktop search tools so searches things are WAY […]

Emerge’s Core IT-In-A-Box Gets Bundled

EmergeCore’s IT IN A BOX, network appliance with built in email, web server, FTP, networking, wireless and more, has signed a deal with telecommunication provider Frontier Communications to bundle IT IN A BOX with Frontier’s service. Instead of focusing the big part of its efforts on reaching customers directly, EmergeCore is wisely looking to partner […]