Beyond Desktops and Servers: End to End Security Policies

Security, now, more than ever, is so important. It is not enough to simply have anti-virus on your local PCs, or even a firewall in your network. You must have end-to-end, point-to-point security to protect every entry point into your digital infrastructure. A big security hole for many companies is their mobile wireless users. Going beyond wireless security is the enforcement of security policies overall – whether connected or not connected to a network.
The following was sent to me by a representative of Senforce Technologies. It was so thorough, to the point and self explainable I am using it, “as is”. When finished I suggest you have a look at what Senforce has to offer and see if they can help you better secure your mobile & wireless infrastructure.
As one reporter put it: “someone [takes] their unpatched, unfirewalled Windows 2000 system out into the real world and [gets] it infected with [a] worm. Then they [take] it back to the office, plugged it in and [log] on, and soon everyone else on the network segment [is] hit hard.”
What are companies missing and why does this keep happening?
We’’ll tell you. Organizations largely expect users to make all the right computing moves/” The problems run the gamut: connections to rogue wireless access points and public hotspots; keeping firewall configurations, anti-virus or anti-spyware on and updated; using the org’s VPN at all times; ensuring infected files aren’t inadvertently downloaded via a thumbdrive or memory stick; and so forth. Without automated technology that ensures users are in compliance with security policies (even when users aren’t connected to the network, by the way), these problems will continue to proliferate.
These are just a few reasons that endpoint security is essential. But not just any old endpoint security product will do. Endpoint security does no one any good if it doesn’t keep working when users are not connected to the network. And few can address emerging technologies (like wireless, and small storage devices) effectively and comprehensively.