Bob Parsons ( Responds to Champ Mitchell (Network Solutions)

Cnet ran a story about the new Network Solutions (the new Network Solutions is impressive). In the story, Network Solutions CEO Champ Mitchell made a few direct comments about GoDaddy in response to questions from the Cnet writer.
Bob Parsons, Founder/CEO of responds, point by point in his own blog. He writes, with class, I seldom comment publicly on what my competitors do.
I make it a point to seldom comment on what Go Daddy’?s competitors say and do. The reason is that I prefer to focus on Go Daddy’s business. I’?ve decided to make an exception today. The reason for the exception is because a competitor chose to make statements about Go Daddy in a published interview. Here are my comments regarding the interview and what I believe, overall, is a campaign of misinformation.
Network Solutions’ campaign of misinformation.
On August 10, 2005, published an interview with Champ Mitchell, who talked about his efforts to reinvent the Network Solutions brand. In the interview, Mr. Mitchell, was asked “?OK, is Go Daddy beating you?”? Mr. Mitchell responded with information which I believe is not true.
An important survival rule of mine.
One of my 16 rules for survival is, “?Never let anyone push you around.”? As a kid growing up, I can’?t ever remember starting a fight, but whenever anyone threw a punch at me, I felt obligated to swing back. What follows are Mr. Mitchell”s comments and the truth as I see it.