Book Review: Reaching Small Business Owners Is NOT Easy

Selling to small businesses (us) is not as easy as some large vendors think. But a new book, which I hope to be reviewing soon, “Outfoxing the Small Business Owner – Crafty Techniques For Creating a Profitable Relationship” shortly helps.
Until then read what KSBI-TV (Oklahoma) said.
Think selling products and services to a group that’s 25 million strong and spends $1 trillion annually should be a piece of cake?
Then you’ll never catch the elusive small business fox – whose purchasing behavior defies logic, and has befuddled the likes of Oracle, Exxon and numerous defunct telecoms that attempted (and failed) to serve the small business market like their larger customers.
It takes a fox to catch one, and small business owner Gene Marks’ new book “Outfoxing the Small Business Owner – Crafty Techniques For Creating a Profitable Relationship” (Adams Media, ISBN: 1-59337-157-8, $12.95) teaches executives at companies of all sizes how to think like – and increase sales from – their wily small business prey.
With small business accounting for more than half of this country’s Gross Domestic Product, sales and service executives can no longer afford to treat these customers the same as larger organizations.
Small business owners’ undivided attention can be gained, they’re not always “short on cash,” and won’t always drag a potential sale out for years.
They can be persuaded to purchase before their equipment breaks down, actually pay bills with regularity and require less hand-holding than the largest global client.
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