Building A Web Site Still Takes Paitence and Thought

Although building web sites is no longer the “hot” topic it was only a few years ago, it is STILL a very important task for businesses. Every business needs a web site. Period. Some businesses need more robust web sites than others, that can get by with a one page digital brochure of sorts.
Something To Do Games built a web site with the following in mind:
Focus, Content and Results. writes First, I needed to decide what the site’s focus would be. An e-commerce site competing on bargain prices? A resource for game players looking for the latest in information and advice on their favorite games?
This was one of the hardest questions I had to answer. It would not only set in motion the direction and budget of my Web site, but also mean taking a serious look at my business and which online audience would have the biggest impact on my sales.

I thought about my core customers. After some consideration, the answer surprised me. When I first started thinking about setting up a Web site, I envisioned an e-commerce page where I could sell my products. But my core customer is not that online consumer who wants bargain prices. After researching my potential online competitors, I felt I couldn’t operate at their prices profitably. The low margins don’t warrant the staff and storage costs I would incur. Read the full WSJ article here