Cheaper, Cheaper, Cheaper ‘Net Broadband from Yahoo-Verizon

Although gas prices are going up – DSL speeds are going down thanks to competition. Cable, DSL and telephone companies are all vying to offer low priced broadband service.
Today Verizon and Yahoo announce a new service. The Associated Press writes For $14.95, subscribers will be able to download Web pages via a digital subscriber line at speeds of up to 768 kilobits and upload data at 128 kilobits. The cheaper service, which requires a one-year contract and has a price hike after 12 months, offers Yahoo premium services, such as antivirus protection, on-demand music videos and unlimited photo storage, according to an advertisement on Yahoo’s site.
You can get faster speeds of course, but if you just need high-speed Internet for the web and email – this is a steal!