Could You Ditch Your Notebook For A SmartPhone

With smartphones and PDAs being used more and more could your notebook be replaced? Maybe. If you only need a quick check of email and web sites, a Blackberry, Treo or other cellular based wireless could be used. (If you use WiFi your wireless coverage is more limited hence the need for cellular based wirless service).
If you throw in a wireless keyboard then the use of your PDA only increases.
Cnet writes The company’s CEO, tired of the expenses involved in buying and supporting notebooks, took them all away and gave the 700-plus employees desktops and “smart” handhelds, said Al Delattre, a partner in the communications and high-tech practice at Accenture, which worked with the unidentified company on the transition.
“They loved it,” he said. “You give a senior executive a laptop, and they generally only use three applications: e-mail, a browser and IM.”

Since I often need to TYPE extensively and do many things at once for 30 – 60 minutes at a times a notebook is best for me. However, depending on your need you could save money by using smartphones/PDAs instead of a notebook.