Dell Printers. Its “Low Price” Is Only Skin Deep.

When buying technology, Dell and its competition often have two different views of the story. Dell touts low price and its competition (HP in printers and Lenovo (in this case) in computers)touts value.
This goes to show you that it is so important to look at MORE than just price when buying technology for your business. But price in light of VALUE are vital considerations.
Moors & Cabot believes that while Dell’s 1100 printer is cheaper than the HP Laser Jet 1020, the HP printer has more VALUE.
– The Dell 1100, while small, has a roughly 30% larger footprint than the
HP LaserJet 1020
– The Dell 1100 includes a 90 day warranty but they recommend buying 1 year
for $29. HP includes one year in price.
– The Dell 1100 includes $32.50 worth of toner (1000 page cartridge). HP
LaserJet 1020 ships with $70 worth of toner (2000 page cartridge)
Furthermore, to HP and its SMB customers, value is about so much more than
the initial purchase price. HP offers its customers a wide range of
resources and services that help boost productivity, such as simplifying
printer management and online tools and templates to increase SMB marketing