Email? Don’t Forget Face to Face Communication

Inc Magazine writes in it’s September 2005 issue that with the growth of email, instant messag9ing and two-way pagers, face to face communication is being done less and less. More Inc tips are:
– Roberts Golden Consulting in California has instituted no-email Friday.
– If it’s not used properly, instead of making your company quicker and more efficient, too much text-based communication can actually make it stupider.
– Ron McMillan co-author of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High spent 10,00 hours observing how companies nationwide communicate. He says that digital communication misses the rich nonverbal information such as tone of voice and etc.
– e-Mail is often more mis-understand than verbal communication.
– A 40 person marketing firm, MASCO (New York), has a rule that email cannot be used to criticize someone.
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