Firewalls Should be Only ONE Part of Your Network Security

When analyzing the security of your network it is so very important to ensure that you don’t feel that just because you have a firewall you are completely safe. There are so many different types of threats on your data that a firewall is not enough. Furthermore, a firewall out of the box is no good as it needs to be properly configured by an expert. I beg you to hire a data security expert who can analyze your data security needs and existing security and recommend solutions to harden it.
News Factor writes “The firewall is a useless doorstop unless it is configured correctly,” said McIrvine. “How do you correlate potential security events as they happen? Is a multiphased attack going on? You can’t see that by just looking at the firewall.”
For this reason, enterprises should not put all of their security resources into the perimeter, McIrvine advised. “They need to look at their entire defense in depth,” he said.

“The airline industry not only has a screening process at the airports, but also the individual airlines have controls in place concerning what people can do once they are inside the aircraft,” said McIrvine. “So the strategy is to mount a whole defense, in depth. But when companies think about security, they don’t tend to have the same mentality.” Read the full article here