Gadgets: Too Much Is Never Enough

Sometimes people get frustrated with the gadgets they use in their lives, but its refreshing to read about someone whose life is FULL of gadgets used to make his business and personal life VERY productive.
In order to use “gadgets” productively you really must be a master at using them. If you get frustrated by putting together a new VCR then maybe having 2 or 3 gadgets is not for you. But if you have the patience to learn how to use gadgets to their fullest potential the results in your business and personal life will be amazing.
The Washington Post writes As society’s quest to become more mobile and more connected marches on, the consumer electronics industry has coughed up round after round of products to meet our every networking need. For most people, the parade of new gadgets is a sideshow that merits just peripheral attention — a working cell phone and moderately fast Internet connection are often enough to suffice. But some take their technology much more seriously. For them, it is an obsession and a way of life. Their tools become extensions of their being, changing the way they work and play and communicate.
Spend a day with Simon, who runs the District-based public advocacy firm Issue Dynamics Inc., and watch modern man assimilate this new digital world.
During his morning meeting, Simon receives an e-mail from his assistant. There’s a problem with his plane ticket for an upcoming trip to Israel, it said. Back in his car, he whips out his cell phone to dial the office and check his voice mail, then transfers to his assistant to give her instructions on how to handle the plane ticket. Next to his phone rests a device that plays the audio versions of cable television, allowing him to listen to the evening news in his car.
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