Google: Yeah..It’s Powerful But Your Web Site Can Win

Since Google is the top-dog in search engines it is SO important to be listed in its indexed and even more important to have your web site on the first page (even better top three or so) positions in resulting searches.
There are “wrong” things that people do to get their web sites listed higher such as making 50 fake web sites and having links point to the main web site in the hope that Google’s index will be fooled into ranking the web site higher.
Google has a closely held algorithm it uses to rank web sites but I wouldn’t bother trying to beat it.
Instead, work hard to build a web site with GREAT content, get people talking about it on other web sites (linking to it) and grow it like that. If you have thousands of customers (or even just a few) remember to use an email newsletter, I use Constant Contact to send out an email newsletter. Use web feeds (or RSS feeds) to feed your online content straight to your audience as well. There’s so many things you can do, that might take some time, but do them and watch Google watch your web site a lot more!
CNN writes The efforts to outsmart Google gall some webmasters such as Shari Thurow, who says the best way to increase a site’s search engine ranking is to offer valuable content and products. She describes the Black Hats as “pathetic algoholics” because they are so obsessed with trying to figure out Google’s algorithms.
“A lot of these people just don’t know how to build user-friendly sites,” said Thurow, a Google Dance attendee who runs Carpentersville, Ill.-based Grantastic Designs Inc. “If you build a site for human beings, your site naturally gets search engine traffic.”

PS – you can always buy keywords and have your site appear in the paid advertising portion of Google as well.
PS2 – Google’s not the only game in town but Yahoo and MSN have large search engines traffic as well.