Google’s Search Desktop: Perfect For Novices and Professionals Alike

Based on what I’ve been reading (USA Today and others) the latest version of Google’s desktop appears to be very good. The first version only let you search your desktop (and the web of course) for files and emails. This in itself was a welcome improvement to Windows’ default search tool.
Google Desktop 2.0 does so much more and I suggest you download it …it monitors the user’s behavior and presents relevant information in a resizable and moveable vertical window called the Sidebar.
One module aggregates e-mail messages from a variety of accounts, including Google’s Gmail service or the user’s Internet provider. Others display stock prices, personalized news headlines, weather reports and what’s popular on the Web.
Another module pulls Really Simple Syndication feeds from Web sites that have been visited and offer that service. Unlike other feed aggregators, the user need not take any action for a feed to be added.