How Technology Levels The Playing Field

The New York Times writes how technology enables smaller businesses to compete on a pretty much equal level (besides raw dollars) with larger business.
Cash registers – no longer simple machines but PC based, give SMB’s the same inventory control (and more) power as a Wal-Mart.
Int’l Presence – the Internet lets an SMB have 4 persons in Dallas and 10 in India, communicating for cents on the dollars via the Internet.
The article reads When we think about the economic impact of information technology, the first companies to spring to mind are the industry giants like Amazon, eBay, Google and Yahoo. But the biggest impact on the economy may well show up in small and medium-size enterprises.
The reason is that information technology is a great leveler. As computers get cheaper, more powerful and more connected, technologies that were only available to the Wal-Marts of the world become available to the small fry.
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