How Technology Levels Your Playing Field

Using the power of web sites, blogging, podcasts (online radio show), RSS feeds (online content pushed to you), newsletters and maybe some online video you have the power to create content just as good or better than main stream media that can reach any audience you desire for the most part.
Many years ago, it was hard to create and even harder to have it easily accessible by others. Do you know the power in your office?
Using wireless networking, mobile computing, and VOIP your precious time can fit more, you can do more with less money and etc.
Take a few hours and think of how you can better leverage technology to GROW your business.
Andrew Kantor, USA Today writes about how technology is making media companies nervous as anyone can now create and distribute content. However, the same holds true for businesses.
YOU can, for low cost, build content and distribute it to your customers and partners, thus increasing sales and building a stronger relationship with them.