If You Have VOIP Acknowledge 911 Or Else

If your business is one of the millions of customers who use voice over the Internet services from one of the several providers such as Vonage, 8X8, ATT&T and others offering this service make sure you have acknowledged to your provider that you understand there could be problems with 911 calls using VOIP service.
If you do not acknowledge, next week your service could be cut off.
Cnet writes On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission plans to begin enforcing its requirement that Net phone services that connect to the public telephone network–known as “interconnected” services–receive acknowledgment from 100 percent of their customers about 911 limitations.
That means customers who haven’t responded affirmatively by Aug. 29 must be cut off, the FCC said in a document released at the end of July Read the full Cnet article here.