Ipswitch FTP: Efficient Opportunities for Content & Data Management

In data intensive offices, where many people work on various pieces of data it is important to be able to send and retrieve data on demand, notify users of changes and embed changes and/or notifications in applications.
Email is a good tool for many uses but for managing pieces of quickly moving data, email can quickly become a burdensome soup of confusing subject lines, date and from lines.
Ipswitch’s WS_FTP Data Management Suite (WDMs) can help bring clarity and efficiency to these problems. It’s one of these tools with a lot of options and its use is only limited by your imagination.
WDMS combines Ipswitch’s three standalone products into a single package which includes 10 client licenses of WS_FTP Professional 2006 (an FTP client), one WS_FTP Server license (an FTP server) and one license of the Secure SDK which allows developers to create customized data management applications. A one-year service agreement is included that provides live technical support and all software updates for the entire suite.
Maybe your business works with three other offices that need to share the same huge data file. Instead of remembering to email it or hoping users download it, you can use your WS_FTP client to schedule automatic downloads and/or uploads of the file to a central server for download by others.
You can get even more creative with WDMS because your FTP server administrators can implement sophisticated workflows by customizing the Notification Engine of WS_FTP Server making it is easy to notify and/or automatically start tasks based on the movement of data between and among users and organizations. The Notification Engine of WS_FTP Server offers a wide variety of conditions and notification options via simple-to-use interactive dialogs.
Imagine if you had a monthly sales report and everytime Stephen Doe uploaded the report, you wanted to notify Jane Doe in the finance department? You could do these kinds of things and more with WS_FTP server.
Whether you leverage a database solution like File Maker Pro, intranet, email, off-the-shelf tool Ike ACT!, GoldMine, Maximizer or etc, properly managing your data is so important.