IT Costs: A $ Maker or $ Loser?

Instead of thinking of your computers, servers, ISP charges, cell phones and etc as a “cost of doing business” or an expense item think of how they are ASSETS in your business and INVESTMENTS to do your business better.
I would HIGHLY encourage you to read a McKinksey report on this that reads Once business executives understand how user demand for IT drives consumption and costs in their units, they can start forecasting their future needs more accurately, track and manage usage, and make more thoughtful choices. They might opt to save money by using less of a specific IT resource or by switching to lower-cost alternatives. A manager might, for example, decide to cut back on e-mail storage by limiting the size of mailboxes or discontinue the use of an application tied to high-cost storage or underutilized servers.
Greater cost transparency also helps the IT organization improve the way it supplies IT to meet user demand, particularly by improving the way it manages assets and its ability to track costs. Management reports help IT to identify overall and unit costs that are out of line with market benchmarks and to find ways of standardizing IT assets and allocating them more effectively.