Lenovo – Doing Well So Far.

Lenovo’s first quarter profit rose 6 percent. This is the first time since 2001 that the formerly IBM PC division has made money and speaks volumes that the Lenovo deal, so far, is going well.
There are several interesting things about the new Lenovo.
1. Lenovo now has a line of FIRST class business solutions in the ThinkPad and Think line of products, notebooks and software respectively.
2. The old IBM PC Division now has access to a full line of consumer and smaller business oriented products (like cell phones) which have not been released in the United States yet, but soon will be.
Lenovo’s supply chain is excellent with ThinkPads being sent to customers within 13 hours of ordering.
Instead of just selling technology to customers, Lenovo wants to ensure that their ENTIRE ownership experience is good.
Lenovo continues IBM’s contention that the PC is NOT a commodity. With the powerful Thinkadvantage software Lenovo’s computers have INTELLIGENCE and a full range of support features such as software that locks your hard drive, to prevent data loss if it senses the notebook falling!