“Live” Customer Service On Your Web Site. No Human? How?

Oddcast has raised the bar with its easy to use avators by embedding artificial intelligence with them. Oddcast’s characters are great for greeting visitors to your web site, but they now can be used to answer questions.
With over 3,500 small business subscribers and 750 Artificial Intelligence Management Center (AIMC) subscribers, the new feature will bring artificial intelligence to the masses by providing site owners with a simple tool for creating and publishing intelligent avatars that have the ability to answer customer queries. The AIMC contains information on over 23,000 topics and can be customized to accommodate thousands more.
Although Rentacar.com is not using the AI feature, they are a great example of Oddcast’s technology in action.
I’ve tried out Oddcast’s avatars on smallbiztechnology.com and found it easy (and fun) to use, in addition to being a useful tool for getting attention and director a site visitor on the web site.