Microsoft Gives A Boost to Its Retail Management System

Microsoft announces, free and tighter integration between Microsoft’s Retail Management System and Small Business Financials.
Mike Dickstein, director of Microsoft Point of Sale Solutions within the Microsoft Business Solutions organization said in a MSFT Press Pass interview:
PressPass: How does the enhanced integration differ from the current version?
Dickstein: The integration differs in a number of ways that are best described in terms of customer benefits. First, it will provide retailers with much-improved business agility and financial management capabilities allowing them to track their inventory all the way across the supply chain. This is accomplished through the enhanced ability to transfer both full and partial purchase-order receipts from Microsoft Retail Management System into the purchase-order processing modules.
The second benefit is an improved level of visibility into sales transactions taking place at the individual store level. We¬?re able to provide much more detailed integration between what¬?s happening at the specific store level ¬? sales data, credit-card transactions, inventory movement ¬? directly into Microsoft Great Plains and Small Business Financials.
The third benefit is increased general-ledger visibility, which is driving much-improved operational efficiency by eliminating double entry, such as pay-outs, surcharges and manual inventory adjustments.
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