Mozilla: Now It’s For Profit. What This Means For Businesses

Mozilla Foundation, makers of the email client Thunderbird and web browser Firefox, is now a for profit corporation, Mozilla Corp. It started as a non-profit organization to further the development of Thunderbird, Firefox and any other software Mozilla develops, but now it is a for-profit entity with about 30 staff members. The Mozilla Foundation has 3 staff.
What does this mean for your business?
Expect to have more and better online products coming from Mozilla that will directly compete with Microsoft’s online software namely Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. Also expect to see more deals between Mozilla and other companies.
I used Thunderbird and Firefox and like them both. However, I’ll probably switch to Outlook as it has better integration with my Dell Axim Pocket PC and has MANY more features that I can use.
Learn more about the Mozilla reorganization here