‘Net Based PBX Telephone Systems Are Better

A report by market research firm In-Stat reads that IP based PBX system are growing faster than traditional PBX systems. Why? TechWorld.com writes Integrating voice with data via IP PBXs gives corporate customers new ways of doing business, which is helping drive demand for the devices, he says.
Via these platforms, businesses are adding presence capabilities to their communications networks, the study says, which gives workers more flexibility about when and how they can be reached. It will also support the addition of video to corporate communications networks, it says, boosting the effectiveness of collaboration tools.

While many businesses will keep their existing PBX systems as they get replaced, many of these businesses will migrate to IP PBX systems and/or add connections to from the traditional PBX systems to an IP based network.
New York Based M5 Networks is a very good IP PBX vendor.