NetSuite: Making The Hosted Experience Even Better

NetSuite is clearly becoming a usability leader in making NetSuite easier to use in so many areas. Yesterday it announced three initiatives as part of the launch of NetSuite 10.6 which include:
1. A way to change information and have it reflected in NetSuite’s dashboard but not necessitate the need for a complete regeneration of the HTML web page. Similar to how Google’s Gmail (which appears to be down right now) has powerful Javascript coding so that it operates more like a program on your PC instead of a web based application, NetSuite continues to program its hosted application so that you forget that you are working via the Internet instead of from your hard disk.
2. The updated version of NetSuite includes the ability to allow users to design, build, deploy, manage and access entirely new applications through a unified interface.
3. Although NetSuite would love for IT to be the ONLY application you use, NetSuite knows that you must work with other applications. With this in mind NetSuite has added several new ways to easily integrate with Microsoft Excel, Outlook and more.
I would encourage you to visit NetSuite to read the full NetSuite press release (which is not posted to their site yet).
NetSuite is offering VERY powerful solutions and continues to rapidly evolve their “software as a service” application.