The New Network Solutions – Giving GoDaddy & a Run For Their Money

Network Solutions started out as a quasi government entity managing domain names. The world of domain names and online solutions overall is changed with MORE competition and MORE services.
With this in mind, yesterday Network Solutions announced a re-launched brand and Web site with a new focus on providing a one-stop shop to help small businesses get online easily and inexpensively.
Network Solutions is a near PERFECT example of how every company should position itself. Customers NEED solutions and any tech vendor who has “customer service representatives” that can’t offer solutions but only “take orders” is not using its sales/support staff effectively. Following the lead of NetWork Solutions’ customer reps can now provide SOLUTIONS and reach more small business owners and not just geeks.

Speaking with Cnet about Network Solutions CEO Champ Mitchell says Go Daddy sells at an extremely low price point, and they do that to sell their software. They’re really a software provider. They build their own software and use the domain as an acquisition device for customers. They don’t have nearly the number of customers that we do. They have lots of people who buy lots of domains–in other words, tech folks who own lots of domains because they’re the people who buy their software.
So while they have more domains under management than we do, they have only a fraction of our customer base. We have by far the largest customer base in the industry, and that’s why I said nobody is beating us out.

Network Solutions press release reads “?Based on talking with our customers and other small business owners, we have a firm understanding of what they want to accomplish online and now fulfill those needs by offering individual client consultation to let them determine the best solution,”? said Champ Mitchell, chairman and CEO of Network Solutions. “?Our customer service consultants are available to answer any questions and provide guidance to customers who may not have the expertise, resources or time to determine what Web solution is going to best meet their business needs.”
On its new Web site, Network Solutions has introduced the Learning Wizard tool to help customers choose the solution that best fits their business needs by asking a series of thoughtful questions. An in-depth glossary of terms is always available to clarify terms in basic “?non-tech”? language.
The customer consultants often “down sell” customers rather than try to sell a product the customer may not truly need. This attitude of “buy what you really need and can use” is why, on average, first-time Network Solutions customers rely on our consultants’ advice three times in their first month.
“The decisions we make in the customer service organization are filtered with the question ëwill this result in satisfaction with every customer interaction?'” added Shelley Rawlings, vice president of Customer Service Operations and Support.