New Windows File System

A new version of Microsoft’s Windows File System is in the works and touted to be better than what we are using now.
The problem with all the data we create is that a) it’s so hard to find things – there’s Google, MSN, Yahoo and other desktop search tools so searches things are WAY better and faster but not fully integrated into the operating system like Apple’s latest OS is
b) data is not connected – if I have an address or other piece of information in a file why can’t I very easily re-use that information instead of typing it in application after application after application?
ZD Net writes Originally touting WinFS as the means that would enable better desktop file searching in Longhorn, Microsoft is now focusing on the benefits of the file system as a means for desktop applications to harness information stored in a common repository.
For example, rather than entering shipping information in an ecommerce application, with WinFS, someone could simply click on his or her own card in a central address book and the information would be transferred to the appropriate place.. Read the full ZD Net article here.