PC Giving You Trouble? Stop Thinking Like a Human.

Like any good business owner, I’m sure you have a great computer consultant you can call on for tech support. However, there’s a few things you can do to do an initial diagnosis and possibly repair of your computer problems.
PC World has some tips for you and writes There’s a famous scene in the classic movieCaddyshack in which Bill Murray (playing demented greenskeeper Carl Spackler) says that in order to defeat the gopher that’s ruining his golf course, he must think like a gopher. Troubleshooting computers can be a bit like that: To recognize and fix what’s ailing your system, you must understand how it works.
For instance, when my 10-month-old laptop started to hang occasionally during boot-up before Windows could launch, I figured the problem might be caused by a cold hard drive not quite ready to leap into action, or perhaps an overstrained power supply falling short at a critical moment. But when the problem evolved into crippling Windows crashes, called the Blue Screen of Death (or BSOD), I knew it was something more.