Radio Shack: No More Verizon. Hello Cingular.

Starting next year, Radio Shack will no longer sell Verizon’s wireless telephone service, but will continue to sell Sprint and start selling Cingular.

This means nothing to your business directly but as you grow your business does shed some light on the importance of partnerships. Sometimes they work well but one most always be able to evaluate the partnership to know when it ceases to make sense for both parties.
“Verizon Wireless and RadioShack are moving in opposite directions as it relates to wireless communications sales,” said Lowell McAdam, chief operating officer of Verizon Wireless. “It no longer made sense to continue the relationship given the high cost of this channel relative to other distribution channels and our insistence that growth and profit be balanced.”
Verizon Wireless will continue to expand the sales and customer service support capacity of its existing direct-owned Verizon Wireless stores and retail distribution partners as it moves from a partner to a vigorous competitor of RadioShack.